Enzymes for Research & Diagnostic Use


Enzymes for Research & Diagnostic Use

This lipase enzyme powder can be used as a drug to help with digestion, reduce blood lipids, and treat local inflammation. Lipase can also be used as a basis for clinical diagnosis of diseases such as lipemia and pancreatitis. There are already enzyme preparations for blood lipid analysis on the market. The chiral resolution of biological methods is milder than that of chemical and physical resolution methods, with little or no side reactions, low energy consumption, and potential for application. Microbial lipase can also be used for the resolution of intermediates in the synthesis of antidepressant thiazesim, and the stereo synthesis of the antihypertensive drug captopril. The vegetable oil deodorization fraction is a valuable resource for extracting natural VE, and the enzym lipase is used to catalyze the hydrolysis reaction of the oil to decompose the glyceride of the vegetable oil deodorized fraction, thereby improving the extraction rate of natural components such as VE.

1. For local emphysema, hematoma, abscess caused by empyema, hemothorax, surgical inflammation, ulcer, traumatic injury, fistula and so on.
2. For respiratory diseases, to dissolve sticky and purulent sputum.
3. It is used to treat snake bites. It has been used in more than 800 cases of various types of snake bites, such as bamboo leaf green, silver ring snake, cobra, python, etc., all of which have been cured.

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