Alkaline protease is extracted by liquid culture of Bacillus licheniformis NO. 2709.
This product is an enzyme preparation that catalyzes the hydrolysis of proteins under alkaline conditions (pH 9-12). It is suitable for industries such as enzyme detergents, leather hair removal, silk degumming and protein hydrolysis.

Alkaline protease powder,  also known as serine protease. There are two common ones, one is Novo protease and the other is Carsberg protease. The two are similar in nature and structure, each containing 275 and 274 amino acid residues, and consisting of one polypeptide chain. It is stable at pH 6-10, and is inactivated quickly when it is below 6 or greater than 11. Its active center contains serine, so it is called serine protease [1]. It not only hydrolyzes peptide bonds, but also functions to hydrolyze amide bonds, ester bonds, and transesterification and transpeptides. Due to the specificity of the enzyme, it can only hydrolyze proteins and cannot act on starch, fat and other substances.

Alkaline protease application:
Main alkaline protease application areas: detergents, tanning, silk, feed, medicine, food, environmental protection, etc.
Its application mainly extends from the alkaline protease function of hydrolyzing protein peptide bonds. There are several main needs in production and life:
1 Make complex macromolecular protein structures into simple small molecular peptide chains or amino acids, which can be easily absorbed or washed away, such as food, detergent, feed and other fields.
2 Partially destruct protein structure, realizing the separation of material components, which is very effective in the processing of protein-rich materials such as leather and silk.
3 Promote the degradation of environmental pollutants for environmental protection.
4 Protease can catalyze both hydrolysis and reverse reaction, and has high activity and specificity, which is very suitable for the production of certain molecules in the pharmaceutical industry.

Safety Precautions:
Enzyme preparations are proteins that can trigger allergies or allergic reactions in some people. Prolonged contact may cause discomfort to the skin, eyes and nasal mucosa. Therefore, any spillage or even a small amount of spillage should be cleaned up in time. The enzyme powder on the skin or eyes should be washed immediately with water and needs the guidance of a specialist.

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